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From classical piano to progressive metal keys, Jordan Rudess can handle it all. With technique and skills out of this world, there’s no question that Jordan Rudess is a master of his craft.

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Drummer Steve Gadd


Creative insights from one of the world's most influential drummers.

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Josh Tuner Home Studio


With 500,000 subscribers and over 100 million video views, Josh Turner has built quite a musical presence - all on YouTube.

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Percussionist Keita Ogawa

Percussion for All

Working on numerous projects and touring with Snarky Puppy, Keita stays busy.

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Ross Lara

Capturing every element

Mixing music, technology, and adventure, Ross Lara records nature’s orchestra with the Zoom H-5.

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Musical Essentials

H8 Handy Recorder


Multi-Track Handy Recorder with Touchscreen Interface

V3 Vocal Processor


Multi-effects vocal processor

G11 top slant view


Multi-Effects Processor for Guitarists

Product images of the H6 and H6 All Black

H6 Black

Multi-Track Handy Recorder

Product image of H4n Pro All Black and H4n Pro Gray

H4n Pro Black

Multi-Track Handy Recorder

Q2n-4k camera front view


4K Video + Audio Handy Recorder

L-12 top view

LiveTrak L-12

Digital Mixer + Recorder

L20R main image

LiveTrak L-20R

Digital Mixer + Recorder

I’ve learned to let the music dictate what I need to do. You have to really listen in order to do that.”

Steve Gadd

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Carl Allen in New York City

Carl Allen | Creator

Legendary jazz drummer and passionate music educator Carl Allen discusses his creative approach to playing and teaching, and the tools he uses in the process.

Steve Gadd playing drums

Steve Gadd | Creator

Influential drummer Steve Gadd talks about his creative process during recording sessions and deepening his connection with his instrument while quarantined.

Frank Bello playing live

Frank Bello | Creator

Anthrax bassist Frank Bello talks about his musical inspirations, creative workflow, and go-to gear for capturing his musical ideas.

Ricardo Ramos playing a pearly white Fender Jaguar

Ricardo Ramos | Creator

Guitarist, producer and mix engineer Ricardo Ramos discusses his musical inspirations and influences, and shares his creative process.

Ross Lara capturing audio in a canyon

Ross Lara | Creator

Music producer and composer Ross Lara discussed how he embraces his love of the outdoors, capturing sounds of nature to use as the voices in his unique music compositions.

Eli with guitar

Eli Menezes | Creator

Multi-instrumentalist/producer Eli Menezes talks shop about his musical creativity and recording process, including his favorite gear and upcoming releases.

Jordan Rudess playing with keytar

Jordan Rudess | Creator

Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment keyboardist Jordan Rudess discusses his creative approach to composing, recording, streaming and connecting with audiences.

Pepper singing live

Pepper Solana | Creator

International singer-songwriter Pepper Solana discusses the joys of collaboration, self-discovery and facing your fears in uncertain times.

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