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F6 slant

F6 Firmware Update: Version 1.9

New Firmware v1.90 for F6 Multi-Track Field Recorder has been released.

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UAC-232 and UAC-432

Zoom Announces 32-bit Float Audio Interfaces

Announcing the Zoom UAC Series Interfaces

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Firmware Update: V1.2 For V3

New Firmware v1.20 for V3 Vocal Processor has been released.

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Steinberg Cubase and WaveLab software no longer offered

Changes in bundled software

Steinberg Cubase and WaveLab software bundles no longer offered by Zoom.

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H3-VR slant

Firmware Update: V3.2 for H3-VR

Get the most out of your H3-VR Handy Recorder with the latest firmware update.

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A silhouetted production crew using Zoom equipment to capture audio atop a hill overlooking a coastal village.
A creator seated at a table wearing headphones while using a Zoom Livetrak L-12.
A creator using a Zoom H1N to capture audio from a nearby train passing by.


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