Give Your Voice New Dimensions

Whether you’re streaming, recording, or collaborating online, the V3 is packed with effects, harmonizing options, pitch correction and more. Your voice will sound amazing - from home, or anywhere else.

V3 Vocal Processor
Performer singing into a mic

T.NAVA | Vocals & Keyboards | The Free Nationals, Anderson Paak

Back Yourself Up

Create and arrange your own backup vocals. Add up to two voices to create your 3-part harmonies in both major and minor keys.

Checkout the Samples:

montage of the V3 with T.NAVA

Checkout the Samples:

Creative Voice Effects

Choose from 16 voice-changing effects like Unison and Vocoder to enhance your performance. V3’s parameter knob allows you to fine-tune your sound. The special effects enable you to alter your voice for video game streaming, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

T.NAVA sampling effects on the V3

All the Essentials

In addition to advanced effects, the V3 lets you dial-in reverb, delay and compression using dedicated control knob

The Zoom SGV-6 mic with a desktop production setup

Moment of Clarity

The V3 provides a professional quality pre-amp so you can sound your best. The Enhance function automatically optimizes the performance of any mic.

V3 formant function being used

Checkout the Samples:

Add More Flavor

Press the Formant Character button and use the parameter knob to alter your vocal characteristics without changing the pitch.

T.NAVA performing with the SGV-6 mic

The Zoom SGV-6 Mic

The optional Zoom SGV-6* microphone is designed to isolate your voice by suppressing ambient noise. The mic’s vocal isolation enables the V3 to process your voice with unmatched accuracy.

V3 connected to a laptop

USB Audio Interface

The V3 connects to your computer or mobile device via USB to become an audio interface for recording and streaming.


Above: FP02M Expression Pedal; Right: FS01 Footswitch

Hands-Free Control

Toggle effects precisely on beat with the ZOOM FS01 footswitch, or freely modulate effect parameters with the ZOOM FP02M expression pedal.


V3 mounted to a boom mic stand with the Zoom HRM-7 handy recorder mount

Easy Access

The V3 can be used on a tabletop or can be attached to a mic stand using the Zoom HRM-7 (7 inch) or HRM-11 (11inch) Handy Recorder Mount.

What’s in the Box

  • V3 Multi-Effects Vocal Processor
  • V3 Operation Manual
V3 packaging