Find Your Stereo Sound

The ZPC-1 microphones are a high quality matched pair of small diaphragm pencil condensers, designed to deliver wide, immersive stereo sound. From drum overheads to acoustic guitar, these mics capture crystal clear sound in the studio or on the stage.

ZPC-1 mics
ZPC-1 in XY pattern

Matched Pair,
Unmatched Quality

Matched at both 1kHz and 100Hz  frequencies, the ZPC-1 pair offer an easy setup for high-quality, consistent sound. These mics seamlessly work together to capture spectacular sound in a variety of configurations, whether using them in an X/Y format for a tight stereo sound or an A/B format for a wider sonic image.

Sound man recording an automobile with boom pole and ZPC-1 mics on a stereo bar in the field

Field Ready

With a solid metal body design and included foam windscreens, both mics are durable and ready for use in any environment.

The ZPC-1 pair can be used to capture sound in the field with any Zoom recorder, such as the F3.

The Complete


Mic Clips

Made of high-impact plastic, these adjustable mic clips attach to 5/8" or 3/8" mic stands or a stereo bar



These windscreens have a rubber-ringed opening for a snug fit, reducing wind and air noise


Carry Pouches

Your mics and accessories will fit securely in these two lint-free carry pouches, keeping them safe when you travel

Musician playing an acoustic guitar with ZPC-1 mics used for recording
All included contents of ZPC-1 package

What’s in the Box

  • ZPC-1 Pencil Condenser Microphones (x2)
  • Foam Windscreens (x2)
  • 5/8"-3/8" Screw Adapters (x2)
  • Mic Clips (x2)
  • Carrying Pouches (x2)

ZPC-1 microphones connected to a Zoom F8n Pro Field Recorder