Small Design,
Big Sound

With 32-bit float recording, the F3 effortlessly captures the quietest raindrops and the loudest explosions. Its small footprint allows for this recorder to be placed anywhere, as you capture and monitor up to 192 kHz of high-quality audio.


The F3 Field Recorder
Videographer filming a drummer in the studio



Focus on the Scene

When you’re working in the field or on set, sound levels can fluctuate often and quickly. The F3 allows you to adapt to your scene without having to set the gain or worry about clipping. In post, you’ll be able to work with your capture, regardless of extremely low or high levels.

Ricardo Ramirez | Director, Videographer | Richy Films

Trevor Lawrence Jr | Drummer, Producer, Writer | Los Angeles, CA

When I’m on film sets, I’m often recording really loud sounds like race cars and weaponry. That’s why I love the 32-bit float technology. I can fit the F3 virtually anywhere and I don’t have to worry about my levels being off.”

Watson WuSound Designer
Watson Wu, Sound Designer
F3 attached to camera rig

Award Winning Audio

Featuring the dual A/D converters and low-noise preamps found in our professional F-Series recorders, the F3 guarantees high-quality recordings in any setting or situation.


Attaching the F3 to your wrist

Battle Tested

The F3 is built with durable side bars, standard tripod mount and slide-resistant rubber feet ensuring that you can mount it on your gear or hide it in any scene. It’s sturdy metal casing and locking XLR connectors is designed for use in a variety of environments.


The F3’s size makes it so versatile. I can place it right into a chaotic scene - I can mount it on a standard boom, place it inside a potted plant, or even strap it to the side of a speeding motorcycle.”

Mark A. Lanza, MPSEPresident, Motion Picture Sound Editors | Sound Designer, Sony Pictures
Mark A. Lanza, MPSE | Sound Designer Sony Pictures | President, Motion Picture Sound Editors
F3 receiving inputs from soundboard

WAV Watching

Monitor your recordings with seamless accuracy as the F3 displays your audio as real-time waveforms.

Adam Blackstone reviewing stereo audio from the F3 after rehearsal

Record & Listen

The headphone output allows you to keep an ear on your recordings, plus a line output enables you to go to your camera or other gear.

Adam Blackstone | Musical Director, Bassist | Basic Black Entertainment

All Day

The F3 is well-equipped for long location shoots or remote fieldwork, with a variety of power options and massive storage.


Onboard Power

With two alkaline AA batteries, take advantage of over eight hours of battery life.


Alternate Power

Set yourself up for an unlimited charge via the AD-17 AC adapter or USB power supply.


Memory cards

Use a micro SD card up to 1TB to record over 180 hours of audio at the highest possible sample rate/bit-depth.

Chiara Luzzana

Chiara Luzzana recording with the F3

The F3 slots right into the lineup and into my kit! I guarantee it will become the handiest asset on set or in the field.”

John ServedioLive Sound Engineer | Servid Sound
John Servedio
Using the F3 Control app to remotely record with the F3

30' of Control

Versatile control options give your production more flexibility than ever. Stay out of the shot and record from a distance of up to 30-feet (10m) using the F3 control app for iOS and Android*.
BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter sold separately. 

F3 connected to a laptop in Interface mode

Audio Interface
& Streaming

Connect your F3 to a computer or iOS device via USB as an audio interface and record or stream up to two channels in crystal-clear 32-bit float/96 kHz resolution. The loopback function allows you to combine your computer’s audio with the F3 inputs to complete the sound for your stream.

In my quest for the perfect sound, having the freedom and portability of the F3 is a dream come true. Its dexterity is unprecedented for a portable pro kit. And, small enough to be strapped to my wrist, the F3 has become my irreplaceable travel companion."

Chiara LuzzanaSoundtrack Composer
Chiara Luzzana
F3 and F3 packaging

What’s In The Box

Package includes

  • F3 Field Recorder
  • Quick Tour