Perfect Tracks.
In One Take.

The M4 MicTrak is the first portable recorder equipped with 32-bit float recording and built-in timecode generator, giving filmmakers and musicians everything they need to capture outstanding audio.


The M4 MicTrak recorder
Recording a boxer working out with the M4 MicTrak

Clip-Free Audio

When you’re on-set you can’t afford to come away with clipped or faint audio. The M4 records in 32-bit float, allowing you to capture perfect audio in any situation without the need to set gain.

Learn more about 32-bit float technology here.

various Creators recording with the M4

Built For Creators

Recording a boxer hitting a heavy bag for sound effect capture

Rolling... And... Action!

Filmmakers can use the two XLR inputs for dialogue, while using the X/Y mics to record ambience. In post, your recordings can easily be synced to video, thanks to the M4’s onboard timecode generator.


Trio  being recorded with the M4 MicTrak in the studio

Make Great Sounding Music Videos

Combine audio captured by the on-board X/Y mics with two additional external microphones to give your videos studio-quality sound in any environment.


Visually monitor your recording by watching soundwaves for each track on the LED screen

WAV Watching

Keep an eye on all four tracks of your recording using the M4’s color LCD with a real-time waveform display.


Sound Engineer using the M4 by handheld, recording an athletes workout

Super-Low Handling Noise

The M4 was engineered to be the quietest handheld recorder ever. Its unique X/Y mics and glossy finish significantly reduces handling noise, ensuring clean, clear audio, everytime.

Sound engineer jam-sync’ing timecode with the M4 and a video camera

Timecode Onboard

Serious videographers use timecode to keep their audio and video perfectly in sync. The M4’s built-in timecode generator has professional grade .2 ppm accuracy.

Using the M4 for production recording

The Ins and Outs

Right-side view of the M4 inputs

High-Performance Inputs

The M4 has two XLR/TRS inputs that feature the same professional grade, low-noise preamps found in our flagship F-Series recorders.


Left-side view of the M4’s outputs and inputs

Perfect Outputs

Connect the line output to your camera to record a backup or sync track to your video. Monitor your recording using the built-in headphone output.


Selecting the Normalization function in the menu on the M4 MicTrak


One-Step Normalization

Save time in post production by using the on board NORMALIZE function to automatically raise or lower the volume of your recording to the optimal level without compressing the audio.

sound wave after using normalize function

Sound Engineer monitoring dialog on-set

Monitoring Capability

Use the headphone output to monitor your recording or use the built in speaker for quick reference playback.


Six Seconds Of Safety

The PRERECORD function captures and saves six seconds of audio before you hit RECORD - perfect for unexpected starts.


Record All Day

With 19 hours of battery life, the M4 is ready to record whenever you need it.


RC4 Remote Control

Control your M4 from up to 5 meters away with the Zoom RC4 (sold separately).

M4 connected and recording direct to a laptop

32-Bit Float Audio Interface

The M4 can be used as a 32-bit float, 4-in/2-out audio interface.

Great Looking Content Never Sounded Better. The M4 MicTrak.

What’s In The Box

Here’s what comes in the package:

M4 MicTrak Recorder
Quick Tour

Optional M4 Accessories:

WSU-1 Universal Windscreen
TPS-5 Tripod Stand
HS-1 Hot Shoe Mount Adapter
SMC-1 Stereo Mini Cable
MA-2 Tripod to Mic Stand
RC4 Remote Control
XLR-4c/CP XLR Mic Cables
XLR-6C Mic Cable ID Rings
AD-17 Power Adapter
ZHA-4 Headphone Amplifier

M4 MicTrak packaging