vr mic with everest


Seasoned adventurer/filmmaker Jon Griffith and team packed their bags, donned their thermal gear and set course towards a destination only the boldest ever reach – Mount Everest.

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vr mic with everest

Insights into the Human Spirit

Traversing the world's most wild and remote locations, filmmaker Anthony Gordon depends on his Zoom Field Recorders to capture what he needs.

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Authentic Sound Required

Authentic Sound Required

Capturing audio — Fast and Furious — with sound designer Chris Jojo and Zoom equipment.

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The Globe is Martin Edström's Studio

Martin Edström brings 360-video and VR experiences to National Geographic's audience.

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Stephen Ford

Desert Heist: Guerrilla Filmmaking in the Sands

Director and actor Stephen Ford has spent the past decade creating indie content.

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Durable. Reliable. Flexible. Zoom has the right equipment for your audio-for-video needs.

F8n Pro

F8n Pro

MultiTrack Field Recorder

zoom f6 tripod mounted


Multi-Track Field Recorder

F1-SP with windscreen mounted on a DSLR camera


Two Track Recorder with Shotgun Microphone

Product image of the F1-LP with lavalier mic attached


Two Track Recorder with Lavalier Microphone

H8 Handy Recorder


Multi-Track Handy Recorder with Touchscreen Interface

Product images of the H6 and H6 All Black

H6 Black

Multi-Track Handy Recorder

Front of the H5 Handy Recorder


Multi-Track Handy Recorder

Q8n-4K Handy Video Camera


4K Video + Audio Recorder

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Front and back of the H3-VR 360º Audio Recorder


360º Handy Recorder

I dream sonically and then I try to find the sonic pieces that will put my soundscape puzzle together. Zoom gear enables me to capture sounds and turn them into things that have never before been heard.”

Paula FairfieldEmmy Winning Sound Designer, "Game of Thrones"

Creative Inspiration

Chiara Luzzana recording audio using a zoom F6

Chiara Luzzana | Creator

Chiara Luzzana, the sound designer and composer for big brands stories, discusses how she taps into the emotion of noise to transform its complexities into harmonious brand statements.

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