The ZOOM MS-60B+ MultiStomp for Bass

The MS-60B+ is designed to help bassists craft the perfect low-end tone. It features realistic amp models, recreations of renowned preamps and a wide range of effects.


The MS-60B+ shown from the front
Busby Smith on the electric bass

11 Sound Shaping Preamps

Boost and shape your sound with 8 of the world’s most popular preamps plus 3 Zoom originals to help you drive the groove in any genre.


Busby Smith laying it down

Amps Played by Legends

Channel the powerful clean tone of the Acoustic 370* amp model, or stand out with the warm punchy tone of an Ampeg SVT*. The MS-60B+ faithfully reproduces 11 classic amps and cabinets using our Multi-layer IR technology.

[*Learn more About Multi-Layer IR Here]


NOTE: Manufacturer names and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. The names are used only to illustrate sonic characteristics and do not indicate any affiliation with ZOOM.

selecting an effect on the MS-60B+

Get Your Freq On

Transform your sound with 75 effects that span from octaves, filters, modulations, synths, drives and more.

Manny Laine on drums with Busby Smith on bass

Come Together

Mix and match up to 6 effects, amp models, and preamps to build the perfect bass rig. Or, explore the history of bass with 85 presets based on famous songs from the 60’s to today.


Example of outputting a split signal on the MS-60B+

Split It

The MS-60B+ allows you to split output signals. This allows you to output with Amps/IR’s to a PA, while simultaneously outputting without Amps/IR’s to your amplifier.

Bassist playing with the MS-60B+

Next Generation Circuitry 

The MS-60B+ is designed with new high-fidelity analog circuits. The flat phase response provides sharp attacks and clean low end, giving the pedal more refined tonal characteristics.

MS-60B+ connected to a USB MIDI host

Change Patches with MIDI

With USB MIDI, you can connect the MS-60B+ to other MIDI gear to remotely trigger patch changes.

Enhanced User Interface

color coded screens on the MS-60B+

Color Coded LCD Screen

The LCD backlight changes color to make it easier to distinguish each category of effects while scrolling.


Using the control knobs to adjust parameters on the MS-60B+

Control Knobs

Fine-tuning and adjusting amp models and effects can be done with the four encoder knobs.


using the cross key switches on the MS-60B+

Cross Key Switches

The Cross Key switches allow you to easily switch between effects and patches with a tap of your foot.


tuning the base with the MS-60B+

Tune Up

The onboard chromatic tuner uses the color backlight to give visual feedback to help you tune quickly and accurately. It supports all standard bass guitar tunings, including drop tunings.

MS-60B+ Amp samples

Amp and Cabinet Models



Preamp Sample Header

Zoom Preamp Models

Super Low Preamp

A ZOOM original preamp for super low sound. Using “missing fundamental” acoustic science, SpLoPre is equipped with a bass enhancer which emphasizes the low end of every note. With a Lo EQ and a negative one octave sound, a super low-end tone is produced.

Clear Drive

This original ZOOM Clear DRV preamp uses a linear phase filter in the distortion path. As a result, phase interference is eliminated during dry mixing, providing a clear drive.

Djent Preamp

An original ZOOM preamp recommended for Djent sounds. This preamp combines an undistorted low-end with a strongly distorted high-end to provide a crisp, intense distortion even with a down-tuned 5-string bass.

Using Guitar Lab for the MS-60B+

Handy Guitar Lab

With a growing library of patches and effects, bass players can continue to expand their sound with the Handy Guitar Lab for MS-60B+ app for iOS. 

Available on the App Store
Built for Big Bottom