R20 Control app on iPad

R20 Control App
for iPad

The R20 Control App allows you to  mix your recording sessions, adjust effects, and change project and system settings*. It’s perfect for when you have an instrument in your hands and the R20 is out of reach.

* Not all R20 functions are available on the R20 Control App Please see the R20 Control App - Operation Manual for the full list of controls.

Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

The R20 Control App makes this the first multi-track recorder that allows accessibility for the visually impaired, utilizing VoiceOver and VoiceOver Gestures.

* The R20 Control App requires the unit to be updated to Firmware Version 3.0

* The optional BTA-1 adapter is required for Bluetooth connection with your iPad

* R20 Control iOS app has some limitations due to the Bluetooth wireless connection

R20 control app


  • Control Transport
  • Adjust Mixer Levels
  • Delete / Export Tracks
  • Tweak Track Settings
  • Select Effect / Synth Presets
  • Manage Projects*
  • Make System Changes**
  • Adjust Project Settings
  • Edit Patch Memories

    * No export to USB Memory
    ** No Guitar Lab, Audio Interface, Bluetooth or Factory Reset​

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