Bluetooth Adapter for B6 / F3 / F6 / G6 / G11 / H3-VR / H8 / LiveTrak L-20 & L-20R / Q8n-4K / R20

An optional BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter can be used with the LiveTrak L-20 & L-20R. It offers wireless control via a iOS mobile app featuring most onboard functions, including Fader Levels and Modes, Scenes, EQ, EFX sends, returns, parameters, and more.

Additionally, the BTA-1 helps you stay out of the shot when recording 360-audio on the H3-VR Handy Recorder. In conjunction with the BTA-1, the H3 Control App lets you remotely access transport controls, level settings, and metadata notes right from your iOS device.

Communication at up to 10 meters is possible in an unobstructed indoor space with BTA-1 units.


  • BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter Remote