R20 with Headphones

Get the most out of your ZOOM R20 Multi Track Recorder with the latest firmware update.

Bug Fixes

  • Rhythm track loops would not play in rare cases.
  • After a track type was changed from synth to audio once, synth sounds would not be output.
  • After swapping stereo and mono tracks, when mono tracks were recorded, they would be recorded as stereo.
  • After swapping stereo and mono tracks, unintended effects would sometimes be applied to other tracks.
  • After swapping stereo and mono tracks, stereo tracks would sometimes play back at half speed.
  • After swapping tracks, during playback, other regions would play back repeatedly in parts without regions.
  • After moving a mono region to a different track, if a stereo region was added to the track where it had been, the waveform would sometimes not be shown correctly.
  • After pressing the REC button during recording to switch to playback, pressing the FF/REW button would not update the display.

* For instructions on updating your ZOOM R12, use the R12 Firmware Update Guide.

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