h3-vr conference mode

H3-VR v3.0

Use the H3-VR's ambisonic mic with your web conferencing software.

Mark Lanza

Mark Lanza | Livestream

Join us as Sony Supervising Sound Editor, Mark Lanza talks about his decades of sound design, hit blockbusters, and the process of capturing pristine audio.

Steve Gadd playing drums

Steve Gadd | Creator

Influential drummer Steve Gadd talks about his creative process during recording sessions and deepening his connection with his instrument while quarantined.

Zoom H1n being used to record nature

Zoom H1n Stream

Get the Most! Pick up a few tips & tricks for your Zoom H1n with Product Specialist Samuel Greene.

Ricardo Ramos playing a pearly white Fender Jaguar

Ricardo Ramos | Creator

Guitarist, producer and mix engineer Ricardo Ramos discusses his musical inspirations and influences, and shares his creative process.