For Bass Players Only

With four DI models and advanced multi-effects, the B6 gives you freedom to explore entirely new sounds.

hero image of B6
Bassist Dimitry Gorodetsky

Super-Fat Bottom End

Our new analog circuit, combined with the DI section vastly improves the low-frequencies of your instrument.

Dimitry playing through his B6

Super-Fine Top End

With an 88.2 kHz effects processor, double the rate of others, the B6 has your high end covered.

Bassist Dimitry Gorodetsky playing through the B6

Four Iconic DI Models

We meticulously modeled four iconic DI boxes to give you a wide variety of tonal options.


Tube 1 Vacuum tube DI character with rich harmonics and thick low frequencies.

Tube 2 Vacuum tube DI character with a clear attack and tight low frequencies.

Solid State 1 Delivers moderate compression and sharp tones for electric bass, while protecting against the loss of low frequencies when playing an upright bass with piezo pick-ups.

Solid State 2 Solid state DI character with a clear tone and little distortion.

Carlitos del Puerto playing electric bass with his B6, with his upright bass nearby

Built For Your Significant Other

Separate inputs allow you to A/B switch from electric bass to synth or acoustic bass, and back again.

Both inputs let you change the impedance from 1M to 10M ohms, giving you a cleaner tone for upright basses equipped with piezo pickups.


Edwin Carranza using his B6

Detailed Amp Modeling

The B6 features 11 of the best amp models in history, plus a couple of new ones.

Bassist Paul Renieri

Build Your Stack

The B6 provides simulations of 12 classic bass cabinets, each with three variations based on mic positioning.

See the full list of IR's ►

Paul Renieri | Bassist | The Mark Wood Experience

bassist dialing in a new modulation effect

Legendary Zoom Sound

The B6 also delivers the ultimate collection of Zoom’s legendary effects, along with 10 new ones.

Hear it

Just the Right Touch

The 4.3-inch color touchscreen lets you drag, drop and rearrange effects to build the perfect signal chain in seconds.



Play Modes

The four Play Modes on the B6 will change the touchscreen and footswitch layout to give you quick access to the controls you need.


Effect Board

This mode provides a visual representation of your pedal chain. By clicking the assigned foot switch, you can turn on or off an effect in your patch.



This mode lets you scroll up and down through your Banks and Patches by clicking the corresponding foot switch.



Ideal for organizing your patches for performances, the Memory Mode allows the foot switches to activate one of the 4 patches in each bank.



Use the Looper to add layers to your sound.

Creating a new loop with the B6

Loop, Record, Repeat

Create loops and recordings up to two hours long, saved directly to an SD/SDXC card for instant access and recall.
*45-second looper without SD card.


Chris Johnson on drums

Chris Johnson | Drummer | Lady Gaga, JLo, Rianna, Stevie Wonder

Back Beat

Select from the B6’s 68 rhythm patterns in a range of styles, tempos and time signatures.


connecting the B6 to your laptop via USB

Record Via USB

Connect to your computer via the micro-USB port to record directly to your DAW.


Using the B6 Handy Guitar Lab App with the B6

Handy Guitar Lab for B6 App

Connect the B6 directly to the Handy Guitar Lab for B6 app via Bluetooth. Using the optional BTA-1 adaptor, wirelessly connect your iPhone or iPad as a secondary interface for your B6.

Accessing the B6 using the Handy Guitar Lab App for B6 on an iPhone.

Let's Move Forward Together.

Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

The first multi-effects processor that allows accessibility for the visually impaired, the Handy Guitar Lab for B6 app features VoiceOver and VoiceOver Gestures.

Using the B6 with Guitar Lab

Zoom Guitar Lab

You can also browse Zoom Guitar Lab to easily save, edit and load patches.

Edwin Carranza

Edwin Carranza | Los Angeles, CA

New Amp Models

Sun CB

Features clean bass and bright high frequencies.



A solid-state combo amp perfect for jazz, featuring a round low-mid range with a calm overall tone.


Dimitry Gorodetsky

Dimitry Gorodetsky | Los Angeles, CA

New Preamp Models

Clear Drive

This original ZOOM Clear DRV preamp uses a linear phase filter in the distortion path. As a result, phase interference is eliminated during dry mixing, providing a clear drive.

Super Low Preamp

A ZOOM original preamp for super low sound. Using “missing fundamental” acoustic science, SpLoPre is equipped with a bass enhancer, which emphasizes the low end of every note. With a Lo EQ and a negative one octave sound, a super low-end tone is produced.

Dimitry playing through his B6

Djent Preamp

An original ZOOM preamp recommended for Djent sounds. This preamp combines an undistorted low-end with a strongly distorted high-end to provide a crisp, intense distortion even with a down-tuned 5-string bass.

1073 Preamp

A thick, warm sound of a vintage mic preamp with transformer distortion.

Solid Preamp

Modeled after a console’s solid state mic preamp, the SolidPre delivers tight sounding harmonics with the ultra-low frequencies cut out.

Carlitos del Puerto

Carlitos del Puerto | Los Angeles, CA

New Effects

Bass Analog Octave

ZOOM's original octaver using an algorithm based on the operating principle of analog octavers.


Bass Standard Synth

ZOOM’s original bass synthesizer sound with adjustable filtering detail.

Bass Synth Talk

This effect produces a synthesizer sound similar to a talking modulator.



The Zoom B6. Multi-Effects for the Modern Bassist.

What’s in the Box

Here's what comes included with the B6:

  • B6 Multi-Effects Processor
  • Zoom AD-16 AC Adapter
  • Quick Tour

Optional accessories:

  • FP02M expression pedal
  • BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter
B6 package