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Handy Guitar Lab for G11 App Version 1.1 Update

Wirelessly connect the G11 directly to the Handy Guitar Lab app via Bluetooth.

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Drawing Inspiration From Music & Life Itself | Bassist Carlitos del Puerto

Drawing Inspiration From Music & Life Itself | Bassist Carlitos del Puerto

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Guitar Lab Update | Add-on Effects for G5n, G3n, G3Xn and GCE-3

For users of the G5n, G3n, G3Xn and GCE-3 Zoom Guitar Lab offers updates featuring new Amp+Cabinet combinations, Stompbox, and preset patches.

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G11 top

Firmware Update: V1.4 For G11

New Firmware v1.4 for G11 Multi-Effects Processor has been released.

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Chris Munro's Rig

Blockbuster Sound Design with Chris Munro & Zoom

Oscar-winning sound designer Chris Munro talks about Zoom multitrack professional audio recorders and why they have a place in his toolkit.

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