The Flagship

Our most robust handheld recorder, the H6essential is a recording powerhouse. With 6 tracks of 32-bit float recording, the H6essential provides unprecedented quality and unmatched versatility.



Step Up To 32-Bit Float

With 32-bit float and dual AD converters the H6essential captures huge dynamic range. This gives creators the ability to record perfect audio, clip-free every time.


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Ellis Hall on keyboards

The First Handy Recorders with Accessibility


The Essential Series was designed with Accessibility for the blind and visually impaired. Navigate the menu with audible descriptions through the built-in speaker or headphones. Creators can choose English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian or Chinese.*

* To use a language other then English, please visit Support and Downloads.

Ellis Hall | Singer, Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

H6e being used to record a sports car

Six Perfect Tracks

The 4 XLR/TRS combo inputs feature ultra-clean Zoom preamps, and the included X/Y microphones can capture up to a booming 135 dB SPL, equivalent to a jet taking off.



Next Generation 3.0 Capsule System

The H6essential’s 3.0 capsule system has been updated to support 32-bit float and gives creators more options to use the right mic for their recording.

replacing the mic capsule with a protective cover when no capsule is necessary

Remove The Mics

When the X/Y mic is not needed, detach the capsule and use the included cap for a low profile setup.


H6e connected to a laptop in USB mode

Record And Stream

Use the USB-C port to connect to PC, Mac, iOS, and Android device to use the H6essential as a 32-bit float interface while simultaneously recording all 6 tracks to an SD card.


five musicians recording to the H6e

For Musicians

The H6essential is a portable studio. Mic up to 4 instruments using the XLR inputs and use the X/Y microphones to capture the full ensemble in beautiful stereo.


Chris Ferrari | Saxophone
John Benitez | Bass
Luisito Quintero | Percussion
Vinny Valentino | Guitar
Santiago Moyano Sr | Vocals, Percussion

Live Sound Mixer recording a sports car using all six inputs on the H6essential

For Filmmakers

32-bit float recording gives filmmakers confidence with every take. The interchangeable capsules, 4 XLR inputs and wireless timecode make the H6essential invaluable on any set.


James Appleton | Live Sound Mixer

podcasters using a H6essential to record their podcast

For Podcasters

When everyone wants to be on your podcast, the H6essential has you covered with 4 XLR inputs. For two additional XLR inputs, connect the optional EXH-6e capsule.


Ming Chen, Ethan Nieratko and Christian Cordes | Podcasters | A Shared Universe Podcastudio

Close up of the waveform display of the H6e

Waveform Display

The H6essential has a waveform display so you can see your audio as it records.

Using the mixer button and adjustment wheel to adjust track levels

Built-In Mixer

For full control of your mix, hit the ‘Mixer’ button and quickly adjust your levels.


using an iPhone to remotely control the H6e

Pair With Your iOS Device

Use the BTA-1* Bluetooth Adapter to pair with your iOS device to remotely hit record, adjust your mix, view your waveforms, and change settings.


Bluetooth Timecode

With the BTA-1* Bluetooth Adapter you can also pair with Bluetooth timecode devices for audio and video sync.


*BTA-1 Adapter not included



Quieter Controls

Recording and rotary controls have been meticulously designed to allow for silent operation.


Onboard Speaker

Use the improved onboard speaker to listen to your recordings for quick reference.


Outputs You Need

Use the line output to connect to a camera and the headphone output to monitor your audio.


Higher Visibility

The new full-color LCD screen provides you with a more vivid view as you record and navigate the menu.

5-piece jazz band playing and recording to the H6essential