The Zoom MS-70CDR+:
Your New Modulation Station

The MS-70CDR+ gives musicians 149 spatial effects ranging from lush choruses to crystal-clear delays to atmospheric reverbs. This single stompbox can shape your tone and provide endless depth and textures.



A Deep Dive into Chorus, Delays, Reverbs & More



43 different chorus and modulation effects that add depth and motion to your sound including phasing, flanging, tremolo, vibrato, detuning, and pitch shifting.


closeup of guitarist playing his instrument


Featuring 29 mono and stereo delays with delay times of up to 4 seconds. Choose from a variety of delays including tape echo, ping-pong, and multi-tap.


Guitarist selecting a reverb effect on the MS-70CDR+


33 sophisticated studio-quality reverbs. From spring and plate reverbs to giant hall and arena reverbs.


Guitarist Kappa Tanabe using the MS-70CDR+ while playing guitar

Dynamics / Filters

Round out your sound with 44 dynamic and filter effects, such as EQ’s, Compression, Noise Reduction, and Special Effects.


adjusting the effect's parameters on the MS-70DCR+

Expanded Controls

The MS-70CDR+ offers expansive parameters for each effect, allowing you to dive deep into tweaking your tone.

selecting a premade patch on the MS-70CDR+

Define Your Sound

Use a singular effect or up to 6 effects simultaneously to create unique tones. Save your creations in one of the 100 patch slots, or use the 80 preset patches as inspiration to get you started.


guitarist, Kappa Tanabe using the MS-70CDR+

Next Generation Circuitry 

Newly designed analog circuits provide more fidelity for improved sound quality. The flat phase response provides sharp attacks and clean low end.

MS-70CDR+ with stereo output

Everything's Better in Stereo.

The MS-70CDR+ has stereo input jacks that accept signals from passive and active guitars, as well as line-level devices such as synthesizers. Its dual line-level output jacks enable you to record and perform with the MS-70CDR+’s stereo effects.

using the MS-70CDR+ with a keyboard

Soundscapes Are Key

For musicians looking to add lush layers to their synths or keyboards, the MS-70CDR+ provides high-quality effects that are perfect for adding atmosphere and character to your sound.

Change Patches With MIDI


With USB MIDI, you can connect the MS-70CDR+ to other MIDI gear to remotely trigger patch changes.

Enhanced Navigation

color LCD screen navigation system

Color Coded LCD Screen

The LCD backlight changes color to make it easier to distinguish each category of effects while scrolling.


Adjusting parameters with the navigation control knobs

Control Knobs

Adjusting and tweaking parameters for each effect can be done with the four encoder knobs.


Using the Cross Key Switches on the MS-70CDR+

Cross Key Switches

The Cross Key switches allow you to instantly switch between effects and patches with a tap of your foot.


foot stomping on the sturdy MS-70CDR+

Sturdy Build

The MS-70CDR+ is built around a metal frame designed to withstand the rigors of live performances.

view of the MS-70CDR+ DC power location and USB-C location on unit

Power Options

The MS-70CDR+ runs on 2 AA batteries, USB power or AC power.


using the tuner on the MS-70CDR+


The onboard chromatic tuner uses the color backlight to give visual feedback to help you tune quickly and accurately. It supports all standard guitar tunings as well as open & drop tunings.

using Guitar Lab with the MS-70CDR+

Handy Guitar Lab

With a growing library of patches and effects, guitarists can continue to expand their sound with the Handy Guitar Lab for MS-70CDR+ app for iOS. 

Available on the App Store
Control space and time with the MS-70CDR+

Hear It: Sound Samples