BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter

The BTA-1 can be used with a variety of Zoom Products for functions such as wireless control, time code and more.

See Compatible Products

h6e with iOS

Wireless Control

The BTA-1 can be used with compatible products for wireless control via  mobile apps available on iOS + Android*. You can use these apps to remotely activate recording, monitor and control levels, adjust settings, and more.

h6e with timecode device and BTA-1

Time Code

The BTA-1 can also facilitate the use of wireless timecode** on compatible products. This allows you to write timecode directly onto audio files on the recorder, keeping all of your audio and video files in sync.

B6 with wireless app

Connect to Handy Guitar Lab

For guitar/bass pedals the BTA-1 can connect directly to Handy Guitar Lab apps via Bluetooth. This wirelessly connects your iPhone or iPad as a secondary interface for your pedal.

iPad with BTA-1

Wireless Mixing

On the LiveTrak series, the BTA-1 allows you to connect to an iPad for full mixer control. You can also connect additional iPads via WiFi to give everyone individual monitor controls.

Compatible Products

  • H4essential | Wireless Control (iOS) + Timecode
  • H6essential | Wireless Control (iOS) + Timecode
  • LiveTrak L-20 | Wireless Control (iOS)
  • LiveTrak L-20R | Wireless Control (iOS)
  • F6 | Wireless Control (iOS) + Timecode
  • F3 | Wireless Control (iOS and Android) + Timecode
  • H8 | Wireless Control (iOS)
  • H3-VR | Wireless Control (iOS)
  • R20 | Wireless Control with Full Accessibility (iOS)
  • Q8n-4k | Wireless Control (iOS and Android) 
  • G11 | Wireless Control with Handy Guitar Lab App (iOS)
  • G6 | Wireless Control with Handy Guitar Lab App (iOS)
  • B6 | Wireless Control with Handy Guitar Lab App (iOS)

Note : Communication at up to 10 meters is possible in an unobstructed indoor space with BTA-1 units.

* Available for Android : (F3 Control, Q8n-4k Control)

** Currently works with Atomos wireless timecode system

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