The Future of Pedals

Jaw dropping effects combined with powerful amp modeling, the G6 gives you more sonic possibilities than ever before.

The Zoom G6
drag and drop feature

Drag and Drop

Your sounds may be complex but building them shouldn’t be. With easy-to-use application driven technology, the G6’s 4.3-inch color touchscreen lets you drag, drop and swipe your way to new sounds.

Devon Eisenbarger playing through the G6

Amps + Cabs

All the best amps in amp history are in here (and a few new ones, too), along with 70 pre-loaded, precisely recorded impulse responses (IR) and room to add more than 100 of your own.

Devon Eisenbarger | Guitarist | Katy Perry, Zayn, Chainsmokers, CeeLo Green

See the full list of IR's ►

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Jacob Scibbie playing guitar

The Right Sound

The G6 also delivers the ultimate collection of Zoom’s legendary guitar effects and tones, including brand new Distortion and Modulation effects.

Jacob Scibbie | Guitarist | Abstract Feedback

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Chris Payton playing live

Plan Ahead

The G6 has room for 240 patches, including 100 presets so you can build patches for each song in your repertoire and easily cycle through your setlist. Create patches of up to seven effects.


Left: Chris Payton | Guitarist | Robin Thicke, Nick Jonas, Tori Kelly, Katy Perry


Play Modes

The four Play Modes on the G6 will change the touchscreen and footswitch layout to give you quick access to the controls you need.



Use the Looper to add layers to your sound. Create loops up to 2 hours using an SD/SDXC card.



Ideal for organizing your patches for performances, the Memory Mode allows the foot switches to activate one of the 4 patches in each bank.



This mode lets you scroll up and down through your Banks and Patches by clicking the corresponding foot switch.


Effect Board

This mode provides a visual representation of your pedal chain. By clicking the assigned foot switch, you can turn on or off an effect in your patch.

Using the Looper mode on the G6

Infinite Looping

The G6 can create multiple loops up to 2 hours each in length with an SD/SDXC card.* Create, store and recall up to 256 loop files.

*45-second looper without SD card.



Groove & Go

Choose your groove from the 68 onboard rhythm patterns, styles and time signatures.


Ricardo Ramos of H.E.R.

Take it With You

Portable, versatile, and packed with tonal possibilities, the G6 is perfect for guitar players on the move.

Ricardo Ramos | Guitarist | H.E.R.

G6 connection options


The G6 has a mono input, stereo outputs with volume control, a mono fx loop, aux in, control in and headphone out.

Using the USB port, the G6 also functions as a 2in/2out audio interface for Mac and PC.

Guitar Lab

Guitar Lab Software

With a USB connection, Guitar Lab software allows you to browse and upload/download an endless assortment of amps, effects and artists patches.

Guitar Lab is available for both PC and Mac. Download ZOOM Guitar Lab

Handy Guitar Lab app

Handy Guitar Lab App

Connect the G6 directly to the Handy Guitar Lab app via Bluetooth. Using the optional BTA-1 adaptor wirelessly connect your phone as a secondary interface for your G6.

Devon Eisenbarger

Devon Eisenbarger | Los Angeles, CA



Combines the brightness of an 80's British amp, with the solid low range of a modern high gain amp.


Merges the simple tone of early guitar amps with the rich overtones of a 60's tube amp, perfect for rhythm guitar.


Provides a smooth character that balances the dynamic response between the wound and plain strings, enabling you to play both lead and rhythm without switching amp channels.

Chris Payton

Chris Payton | Los Angeles, CA


Delivers a vintage amp sound perfect for gritty Blues.

7 Heaven

Combines a very tight low end with expanded dynamic response, perfect for 7 and 8 string guitars.


With extreme drop-tuning, this amp is designed for slap-playing or the heavy-metal sound of Djent.


Devon Eisenbarger
Ricardo Ramos

Ricardo Ramos | Brooklyn, NY

New Distortion Effects


Razor Drive

Razor Drive uses comb filtering to control the sound saturation by boosting the filter and therefore distortion, at each frequency point of resonance. This processing creates a new distortion never before heard.


Wave Shaper

Wave Shaper applies a new original algorithm to shape the waveform and create a unique sound extremely rich in harmonics.

Jacob Stibbie

Jacob Stibbie | Los Angeles, CA

New Modulation Effects



PolyShift adds subtle sound variances over a two-octave range to deliver a modern pitch shifting effect.


Geminos is a real-time doubling effect that adds thickness and width by triple overdubbing the original dry signal. This reproduces a random organic texture when playing chords and powerful sustain for solos.



SwellVibe, unlike any standard vibrato that starts modulating the signal from the start, applies pitch modulation with a time lag affecting only the sustain of your sound. It inspires unconventional ways for playing ambient pads.

Jacob Stibbie


What’s In The Box

Here's what comes included with the G6:

  • G6 Multi-Effects Processor
  • Zoom AD-16 AC Adapter
  • Quick Guide

Optional Accessories:

  • FP02M Expression Pedal
  • BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter
G6 packaging