Handy Recorder

The Handy Recorder app allows you to record high-quality audio with your iOS device. Use it with a ZOOM iQ series mic, which are designed to capture audio of the best quality with iOS devices, and record using the high-fidelity linear PCM and space-saving AAC formats.

This app includes normalize and divide functions that can be used on recorded files. In addition, it has compressor, EQ and reverb effects. Moreover, you can directly upload your recordings from Handy Recorder to the iCloud and SoundCloud file-sharing site, allowing you to bring your creations to the world over the Internet.

iQ6 on an iphone
iphone with iQ6

Handy Recorder

  • Stereo linear PCM and AAC recording
  • Works like a hardware recorder
  • Effects
  • File editing
  • Uploading to Cloud Services
  • Optimized for the iQ series


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