young filmmakers recording in Rwanda

Creating Opportunities for Aspiring Storytellers

Since 2014, The Rwanda Media Project has set out to teach young filmmakers in Rwanda skills such as scriptwriting, cinematography, sound, editing and producing.

Young filmmakers learning to use Zoom H2n


Sound Designer Ana Monte (left) with the young women of The Rwanda Media Project


A successful RMP 2023 field recording workshop for women was conducted by Ana Monte, Sound Designer and Co-Founder of DELTA Soundworks. Zoom proudly donated recorders to each of the students, helping in their journey to create and sell their work in one of the most sonically untapped areas of the world.



Learning to listen to her environment while recording nature


Four aspiring filmmakers who participated in the five day workshop


Over five days, Ana’s workshop focused on lessons on topics such as theory, ambience recording, SFX recording, editing and metadata.



Capturing the sound of the story in the field

Recording in the field

Audio engineering is a male dominated field, as women we represent around 7% of the industry and this can only be changed by not only giving women the same opportunities as men, but also inspiring women through representation.”

Ana MonteSound Designer
Ana Monte recording on location

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The Rwanda Media Project participants