The recorders utilize a built-in voice guidance system that speaks to the user as they navigate through the device’s menu. It also gives reference clicks for adjustments to headphone volume.

Creators using the H1essential, H4essential, and H6essential can opt to hear these audible descriptions through their onboard speakers or by using headphones. The available languages include English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian and Chinese.

“We’re very excited to introduce a new generation of technology that makes Zoom products accessible to more creators than ever before,” said Scott Goodman, CEO of Zoom North America. 

“Any time that you can introduce new technology, you’re looking to create a better user experience, but in this case, the technology allows for a better overall human experience,” says Goodman. He concludes, “We’re proud of these products and look forward to getting
them into the hands of as many visually impaired creators as possible
and hearing what they create.”