Archipelago Entertainment, Ross Lara’s production company, echoes the musician’s personal passion for experimental sounds that bring together music, technology and opportunity for adventure.

Capturing the sounds of mechanical action, natural reverberations and ambience, Ross uses filming environments to create original scores infused with the sonics of the location itself, giving audiences a unique, authentic and multi-dimensional sensory experience as they view the film.

Ross Lara capturing sounds in Utah.

Ross Lara capturing sounds in Utah.

Recording at one of the world’s largest freeride mountain bike events, the Red Bull Rampage, Ross captured a plethora of sounds from elite athletes racing past him, mechanics tuning bikes and even the reverberation of his own voice in the remote Utah canyons.

Red Bull Rampage
Red Bull Rampage

But his favorite sound from the event was a stream of falling rocks he recorded with the Zoom H5. Listen to the falling rocks as the sounds progress from the initial recording, to sampling, to setting the samples to music.

From the field back to the studio, Ross relies on rugged Zoom gear to capture, combine and convey each element of his unique compositional vision.

Rock Waterfall


Ross Lara capturing sound of a river

Blue River, Breckenridge, Colorado

Ross Lara capturing sound on a mountain

West Yellowstone, Montana

Years from now, we can find a sound recorded today and be able to re-experience that adventure in our own way. As soon as we hear that first engine roar or the sound of ice breaking into thousands of grains beneath your feet, we’re taken back to the moment. Hopefully, we can channel some of those feelings into inspiration for the music we’re working on.”

Ross LaraMusician, Composer, Outdoor Adventurer
Ross Lara composing at the piano.
Ross Lara capturing sound on a canyon


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