Zoom multi-effects pedals: G11, G6, B6

About the Collaboration

Zoom, Jensen Speakers, and Overloud have joined forces to create a unique collection of speaker cabinet models, now made available as IR data, for the Zoom G11, G6 and B6 Multi-Effect Processors. The custom IR’s were captured by the Jensen and Overloud teams, and then fine-tuned in collaboration with Zoom to best fit the tonal response of Zoom’s popular pedalboards.


Jensen Speakers for Guitar and Bass are manufactured in Italy by SICA Altoparlanti, global supplier to the guitar amplifier industry. www.sica.it/en - www.jensentone.com


Overloud, a brand of Almateq, from Italy. In 2021, Overloud partnered with SICA Altoparlanti, to capture the official collection of the Jensen Speakers IR libraries. www.overloud.com

laptop with Zoom Guitar Lab open

Get The IR's

A total of 30 Jensen IR’s are now available for free download. Users of the Zoom G11, G6 and B6 Multi-Effects Processors can simply download the following file and drag & drop the IR files into their Guitar Lab application.

The Guitar Lab v7.3 or later ( for Windows / for macOS ) is required. Instructions on how to import IR's into the pedal are provided in the IR chart in the downloaded ZIP file.

Download Jensen IR's