Drawn to the world of adventure and ultra-sports, Anthony Gordon’s career has encompassed all areas of film, television and social media production. Anthony’s work has let him explore more than 62 countries and some of the world’s most harrowing destinations — from the Himalayas to remote African plains — pursuing his life’s purpose: changing the world one story at a time, through documentaries that give rare insights into the human spirit.

Rafting down a river

New Zealand

Helicopter rescue in the Himalayas



But he knows that without exceptional sound, stunning visuals paint a one-dimensional picture. He’s come to rely on Zoom — predominantly the H6 and F1-SP — for their portability and quality when bringing his visuals to life.

The most important part of my filmmaking is the sound. The sound brings the visual to life. It is absolutely crucial to have 100% reliability in your equipment. When I’m on location, there are no shops or service centres within thousands of miles. My Zoom gear has never let me down."

Anthony GordonFilmmaker
H6 Gear Bag
F1-SP Gear Bag

While Anthony normally is the one watching nature, he tells of the time nature was watching him.

"So here I am in the wilds of Africa covering remote animal trackers and I get separated from my guide. All of a sudden, I hear a male leopard about 10 feet behind me. I needed to remain calm, open my pack and capture its sound instantly. The F1-SP managed that perfectly. Then I placed my 200mm Prime lens in the fore just in case he charged at me,” he concludes with laughter.

African Leopard

African Leopard