Handy Guitar Lab For G6:

Handy Guitar Lab for G6 is an app that enables wireless control of the ZOOM G6.

When a BTA-1(sold separately) is connected to a G6, an iPhone/iPad with this app can be used as a remote controller for the G6.

Handy Guitar Lab for G6 can be used at a distance from the G6. For example, it can be used to create and edit your guitar tones, manage your patch memory list, or change settings on the device from wherever you are most comfortable. It’s like having a second screen for your G6 in the palm of your hand.

Handy Guitar Lab for G6 Edit Screen


  • Simple intuitive user interface just like the G6
    • Create and edit guitar tones using all the on-board effects
    • Adjust individual parameters of effects and amps.
    • Wirelessly import IRs from the internet
    • Manage banks and patch memories
    • Adjust G6 System Settings
    • Supports iOS/iPadOS VoiceOver to provide accessibility for the visually impaired

HGL for G6 app icon

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