iOS Compatibility:

F6 Control is an app that enables remote control of the ZOOM F6.

With it, you can use an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (6th generation and later) as a wireless remote controller for an F6.

Note: A ZOOM BTA-1 is also necessary to operate an F6 with F6 Control.


In addition to the fundamental operations of starting/stopping recording/playback and searching forward/backward, this app allows the adjustment of trim levels and mixer pan and fader settings.

You can also use it to monitor input levels, timecode information and remaining battery charge.

Using this app, you can input characters from the iOS device to edit file names and add metadata as well as transfer date and time information for use when recording.



• Control an F6 that is inside a protective case
• Create monitor mixes easily
• Input metadata
• Set the date and time


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