New Firmware V2.0 for G11 Multi-Effects Processor available now!

V2.0 includes the following:

• Added ZOOM original guitar amp "SteamRoll"
This amplifier combines a tight and powerful low with a glittering high. Recommended for powerful and clear riff-playing.


• Added 9 bass amps + 57 bass effects (click here to see the V2.0 Effects List)


• Added 36 preset IRs for bass (click here to see the V2.0 IR Chart)
• Added 200 preset patch memories (click here to see the V2.0 Patch Memory List)
• Increased the number of patch user memories from 240 to 500
• Increased the number of IRs from 200 to 300

*The patch memories and IRs will be overwritten by this firmware update. Recommend backing patches up via Guitar Lab prior to updating.
*To connect with G11 v2.0,
Guitar Lab v7.2 or later or Handy Guitar Lab for G11 app v1.2 or later is required.
*This firmware update will take about 10 minutes in total.

Download the latest G11 firmware

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