As of November 25, 2022, ZOOM product compatibility with iOS 16 is as follows.

For information on support for iPadOS 16, please check here.

[WARNING] A compatibility issue with iOS 16.0 (iPhone operating system) has been reported with some ZOOM products.


When the product is connected as an audio interface with a USB cable, if the USB cable is disconnected while the iPhone screen is dark, the iPhone might become unresponsive.

We have confirmed that iOS 16.1 resolved this problem.
We recommend updating the operating system.

For instructions about forcing an iPhone to restart, click here.

Yes: Compatible / No: Not Compatible

iOS Microphones
iQ6: Yes
iQ7: Yes

Field Recorders
F8n Pro: Yes
F8n: Yes
F6: Yes
F3: Yes
F2 / F2-BT: Yes
F1: Yes

Handy Recorders
H8: Yes
H6: Yes
H5: Yes
H3-VR: Yes
H2n: Yes
H1n: Yes

Handy Video Recorders
Q8n-4K: Yes
Q8: Yes
Q2n-4K: Yes
Q2n (Discontinued): Yes
Q4n (Discontinued): Yes

Audio Interfaces
UAC-2: Yes
U-44: Yes
U-24: Yes
U-22: Yes
AMS-44: Yes
AMS-24: Yes
AMS-22: Yes

PodTrak Recorders
P8: Yes
P4: Yes

Digital Mixers
L-20R: Yes
L-20: Yes
L-12: Yes
L-8: Yes

Multi-Track Recorders
R20: Yes
R12: Yes

Guitar Effects Pedals
G11: Yes
G6: Yes

Bass Effects Pedals
B6: Yes

Vocal Processors
V6: Yes
V3: Yes

iOS Applications

Handy Recorder: Yes
Handy Recorder Pro: Yes
Mobile HandyShare: Yes
F8 Control: Yes
F6 Control: Yes
F3 Control: Yes
F2 Control: Yes
H8 Control: Yes
H3 Control: Yes
Q8n Control: Yes
Handy Guitar Lab for G11: Yes
Handy Guitar Lab for G6: Yes
Handy Guitar Lab for B6: Yes