Perfect for Podcasting, Music and More

Having enough cables is key for any recording project. The XLR-4c/CP includes 4 low noise microphone cables with heavy duty XLR connectors. Perfect for podcasting, music and more.

4 pairs of color-coded rings (8 rings total) easily identifies which mic is going into each channel.

XLR cables with color ID rings in green, yellow, orange and red
XLR-4c/CP with the Zoom PodTrak P4

PodTrak P4 sold separately

XLR-4c/CP with the Zoom H8 and Microphones
podcast setup with the XLR-4C/CP

What’s In The Box

  • Four 8’ XLR Microphone Cables (2.5 m/8.2ft)
  • 4 Pairs of Color-Coded Rings
XLR-4c/CP packaging front and back