Currently, full compatibility of Zoom products is guaranteed with macOS Catalina (10.15) on Intel-based Mac systems. The functionality of Zoom products with macOS Big Sur (macOS 11) both on Intel-based and Apple Silicon-based Mac systems is still under verification.

The following problems have been reported with macOS Big Sur.

Audio Interface function may not work correctly for the following products:

  • LiveTrak series: L-8, L-12, L-20, L-20R (* Works properly in Class Compliant mode)
  • UAC series: UAC-2, UAC-8 (* Works properly in Class Compliant mode)
  • TAC series: TAC-2, TAC-2R, TAC-8
  • Q series: Q4n, Q8
  • R series: R16, R24

Firmware updater
application is not yet compatible with the following products:

  • U series: U-22, U-24, U-44