Record Cleaner, Closer and Clearer than Ever Before.

Advanced X/Y microphones, incredibly natural-sounding preamps, and built-in cutting-edge effects make the H4n Pro the ultimate portable 4 track recorder for musicians.

Product image of H4n Pro All Black and H4n Pro Gray
A guitarist and a bassist in a living room recording a song on the H4n Pro.

Chick's Ultimate Handheld Recording Studio

With onboard X/Y microphones, two combo input jacks, overdubbing, effects, and more, the H4n Pro is packed with features that allows musicians to create songs from start to finish.

Chick Corea | 23-Time Grammy Award Winner

Marcus Gilmore playing drums live at the Blue Note, NYC

Take Your Live Show Home

The H4n Pro is capable of recording the loudest and heaviest performances, up to 140 dB SPL without distortion. Take a line-level* stereo feed from the mixing console and capture room ambience with the X/Y microphones.

* +4dBu line-level is not supported.

Marcus Gilmore | Drummer, Chick Corea Trio | Blue Note NYC

Closeup photo of the H4n Pro, dramatically lit.

Professional Grade Preamps

The H4n Pro features high performance, low-noise mic preamps with recording resolutions up to 24-bit/96 kHz. The improved noise floor (-120 dBu EIN) captures audio at lower volumes with less noise and fewer artifacts.

H4n Pro, in interface mode, connected to a laptop

USB Audio Interface

Functioning as a 2-input/2-output USB audio interface for PC or Mac, the H4n Pro enables you to record directly to your computer.

Studio scene

Never Miss
a Take


Capture two seconds* of audio before you hit RECORD with the Pre-Record function and never miss the start of a great take.

*One second when recording at 96 kHz/sec or working 4CH mode.


The Auto-Record and Auto-Stop functions allow the H4n Pro to automatically start and stop recording according to your designated levels.

Kenneth Crouch | Hammond B3 at Central Staging, Burbank, CA

Gregoiré Manet and Carlitos del Puerto playing and recording a duet

Gregoiré Manet and Carlitos del Puerto | ZOOM Creators


Stereo Mode

Stereo Mode can be used with the built-in X/Y microphones or external mics, and is convenient for recording live performances, acoustic instruments, and more.

H4n Pro connected to a professional sound board at a music venue


4-Channel Mode

4-Channel Mode records with the built-in X/Y mics and two external inputs to capture live room sound and a stereo board feed at the same time.

Michael Mazzaraco playing an acoustic guitar in a living room, recording to an H4n Pro

Michael Mazzaraco | ZOOM Creator


MTR Mode

Multi-Track Mode turns your device into a four-track studio, with built-in effects, overdub functions, and the ability to work with previously recorded sound files.

H4n Pro photo of inputs and outputs on all four sides of the product

Inputs & Outputs

INPUTS | The H4n Pro offers two locking XLR/TRS combo jacks, each with switchable phantom power. Additionally there is a mic/line input via the stereo 1/8” input jack.

OUTPUTS | Monitor your performance with headphones or connect to external devices using the stereo 1/8” line output with dedicated volume control.

H4n Pro in front of Steve Gadd and his drum kit, recording him playing

Steve Gadd | The Drummer's Collective, NYC

Trumpeter, Mike Rodriguez, playing into a H4n Pro in the studio.

Mike Rodriguez | Grammy-Winning Trumpeter

Studio-Grade Effects

Choose from a variety of effects, including EQ, compression, reverb, delay, amp and cab emulators and more. Practice with an onboard metronome, tuner and looper.

Saxaphonist Mark Shim plays while a videographer records him using a DSLR camera with an H4n Pro mounted to it, recording audio.

Mark Shim | Tenor Saxophone | Jazz Gallery, NYC

Recording Time and File Formats

The H4n Pro can capture audio in both MP3 and WAV file formats. WAV files recorded with the H4n Pro comply with BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) and include marks and creation dates. It allows for easy syncing and file organization for both musicians and filmmakers.


H4n Pro on a cymbal

What's In The Box

Here’s what comes with the H4n Pro

  • Operation manual
  • Protective case

Optional H4n Pro accessories

  • PCH-4n Protective Case 
    (compatible with both Zoom H4n and H4n Pro Handy Recorders)
  • WSU-1 Universal Hairy Windscreen
  • MA-2 Mic Clip Adapter
  • RC4 Wired Remote Control
  • HS-1 Hot Shoe Mount Adapter
  • AD-14 AC Adapter
h4n pro packaging