An industry first, Zoom has designed two standalone audio interfaces equipped with 32-bit Float recording technology, giving musicians the ability to record pristine audio to their computers and smart devices.

The release of the new Zoom UAC (USB Audio Converter) series, introduces the UAC-232 (2-channel) and UAC-432 (4-channel) to the market. The technology built into the UAC series allows the user to capture the highest audio quality possible, with an ultra-wide dynamic range and an incredibly low noise floor. 32-bit Float recording, along with sample rates up to 192 kHz, processes your audio at an increased bit-depth and at full bandwidth. All of this is done without the need to set gain. 

Standout features

32-bit Float recording gives musicians peace-of-mind, ensuring that their audio will never clip. No matter how loud or soft the signal, the audio capture is crisp and clean.

Additionally, Zoom’s new interfaces feature a robust chassis, XLR/TRS combo jacks, main and headphone outputs, Direct Monitoring and Midi In/Out.

The new Zoom UAC-232 is launching Winter 2023 and the UAC-432 interface will launch Summer 2023.



The UAC-432 (left) and the UAC-232 (right)